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Yellow Chili Restaurant and Bar


Hi guys, trust your day is going a whole lot better than mine, as I am not exactly having the best day (story for another day though), but I do have a good tale for ya.

Last Sunday I decided on a whim to eat out (a gal’s gotta treat herself sometime, you know), and decided to go to ‘The Yellow Chili Restaurant and Bar’ at GRA Ikeja, I picked it more because of proximity than anything else, so I got a cab and off I went.

I got there in no time which was surprising given the notoriety of Lagos traffic and said goodbye to the cute Uber driver (yes, he was really cute, I almost had a cute Uber driver twitter thread moment).




The first thing that hit me was how Yellow the building was, just like the name, I got directed in by the chauffeurs to a very tastefully decorated interior that was surprisingly warm and cozy for a restaurant and I liked it immediately.


I got seated by a window and had an even better view of the backyard’s serene stone and greenery surrounding, and in seconds got attended to by the waiter who brought the menu,  so far it’s good service and beautiful surroundings, a good start right?


The drink menu though a little limited for a restaurant that also houses a bar had an okay price range, from #250 for a glass of water to #35,000 for Champagne and food had nothing above #5,000, not great but not bad either.

I played it safe and chose to have a glass of orange juice at #700 and their ‘signature jollof rice fiesta’ which from reviews I had found online, was supposed to be mind blowing at #3,800.


I sipped my juice patiently which came with complimentary roasted groundnuts which were tasty and I love FYI, and waited for the food which came in less than 20 minutes. It looked a little messy and overdone but I figured, I’lld pass judgement on the food only after I tasted it.

It was tangy, and not tasty at all, unless you like almost done rice, soaked in undone tomato paste with zero pepper and lots of fresh curry leaf. It would have been a great meal though, as it had chicken, shrimps and un-shelled prawns but it just didn’t taste like Jollof and I was so disappointed, especially after the good service and beautiful environs, I had high hopes.

I also checked out the bathroom, hygiene is really important you know and it was alright


Food: 1 star

Service: 3.5 stars

Environs: 4 stars



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