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Weekend Recipe – Panla Sauce With Uziza


Happy Weekend people, hope you had a good night. Now before you head out for that mid-day Owambe special, wouldn’t it be nice get a little something new in your stomach? I know I do, and that’s why I’ll be trying this special weekend recipe.

Today our special weekend recipe is  lifestyle Vlogger, Sisi Yemmie’s Panla Sauce with uziza, Yum, I can already smell it in my head. We all remember the love affair Adesua Etomi’s character (Dunni Coker) had going with Panla stew, lol. Anyways, just imagining what this local blend would taste like is painful, so let’s get down to it already.

For this sauce you’ll be needing the following ingredients;


Panla Fish (Smoked Fresh Cod)

http://stylevitae.com/Red Onion

http://stylevitae.com/Cayenne Pepper (Shombo)

http://stylevitae.com/Habanero Pepper

http://stylevitae.com/Fresh Tomatoes

http://stylevitae.com/Vegetable Oil




Watch the video below for directions;

Style Vitae

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