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Sunday Beach Day; Is It Worth It?


Sundays are usually chilled days for me as this is the only way I get to console myself before Monday. I’ve always felt like I need a full stay at home day before the work week commences to have a great first day at work. The days when I forgo this rule, I end up feeling and sometimes looking like a complete mess on Mondays.

Anyways, yesterday some of my friends were headed to the beach and I decided to let be a part of that especially because I was fun-starved and just quoting Matthew 6:25 in my head “so do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself.”

I was excited to just have a chilled day with some of my best buds, food, drinks, laughter and rides. I think my highlight was definitely having a go on one of those beach bikes. Been in it countless times but this time my friends got to ride it and it was way more fun that having a rider to it.

Biker girl

I also got the chance to take a ton of pictures and also show off my nail colour for the week which I’m totally stoked about btw. It’s the first time ever I’m wearing grey and I thought to add a bit of the marble feel to it.

Grey and Marble Nail Polishgrey nail polisg

So to answer if this was worth it, I think the answer is yea and I’m just here hoping I don’t have a shitty Monday.



Beach outfit

Outfit inspiration to the beach


Outfit details;

Bralet – Eman Zazzar

Shorts – Shop Maju

Nails – John from KDove

Phone Case – justncaseng

Style Vitae

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