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Pretty Fingers: Let’s Get Flirty


Hi Guys,

Happy Independence Day!!! I feel like I can still say that because it’s just the 2nd day of the month and today is a holiday. I’m really excited for October and looking forward to all the amazing stuff I’ll be doing and working on.

When I initially started considering what colour my manicure should be this week, I thought green because I was trying to get into the independence spirit but then I changed my mind… I went purple!

Purple Nail Lacquer

I have a subtle love for purple i.e. I don’t always say I love it but when I look around, I do have a lot of things that are in that colour. Anyways, I have decided that October is ‘Purple Manicure Month’ for me. Every week, I’ll wear a different shade of purple manicure and I started this journey with China Glaze’s ‘Tart-y For The Party

Purple Nail Polish

Initial Thoughts:

I saw this lacquer on the nail polish stand and I was like ‘yassss, I want that!’. I thought the colour was perfect and the name, really cheeky. Besides, I had a lot of events planned out for the really long weekend so of course my nails can be a tease (lol). Can I also say I absolutely LOVE how China Glaze name their polishes, I’m so here for them. Going off the name, it’s safe to say I’ve been a little more flirty since I had this on.

Fashion Flatlays

First Reaction:

I was looking forward to wearing this polish even before I took it out the previous one and it’s one of the few colours I haven’t had to look at my nails twice in order to decide whether or not I liked it… I just knew I loved it.

Fashion Flatlay

Pastel Nail Polish


I really do like love it. It’s not a colour I thought I’ll use on my nails but I used it on my finger and toenails and they came out right. I also didn’t have to use more than the recommended number of coats (2). Finally, I think the purple really compliments my dark skin tone which is a win.

This wasn’t in my comfort zone but will definitely be wearing it again.

Nail Manicure


A 5.0 out of 5 because this was an unexpected win.

Nail polish and chocolate


Style Vitae

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