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Pretty Fingers : Color Pop


Usually, I try to spend my weekend resting but last weekend was dedicated to work and family. I’m not complaining however, because I did have a good time. I had to do a shoot with new pieces from the Eman Zazzar collection so I decided to get my nail pictures done there as well.

It’s the second week in October and I’ve tagged October my purple month where I try different shades of purple colored nail polishes and share with you. This week, I had on Salon Perfect in Purple POP!


Initial Thoughts:

I had seen this polish like 2 weeks ago when I was wearing ‘Tart-y for the Party’ so I had to wait an extra week to have it on.  


First Reaction:

For some reason, even though I had fallen in love with the color before it got on my nails, I didn’t quite love it as much when I put it on. I’m not 100 percent sure why that is but I’ll put it on personal preferences. Considering I really loved the pastel purple I had on last week and I like darker shades of purple, I think this is just an awkward middle for me. It might also have had something to do with the nail polish being matte which I wasn’t particularly feeling, hence the need to slap on a glossy top coat from Vane.




Though I’m not in love with it, I’ve received compliments about it so I’m guessing it’s okay generally. I might try it again but not anytime soon.



A 3.5 out of 5 because I’m just coasting in the middle of like it and love it.


So what do you think?! Do you like it or love it and should I try it again?


Image:  @frocreativeagency (Instagram)




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