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Paper Magazine’s “Minaj et Trois” A’la Risque – Too Much?!


This week saw what could be termed the most controversial magazine cover of all time, around this time last year Paper magazine, always doing the most, released a ‘break the internet’ issue with reality star and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian, recreating Jean Paul Goude’s ‘Champagne incident’ and this time they have done it yet again with Nicki Minaj’s “Minaj et Trois” break the internet issue, whatever reception was expected I have no idea but one thing is for sure, they did break the internet, literally (if you tried to get into the paper magazine website yesterday, then you’ll understand).

So far different reactions have followed the release, fellow ‘break the internet’ star Kim kardashian and Blac chyna love it clearly from their flame and hearts emoji comments, and colleague Eve says it’s not responsible/good as role models to young girls (jury is still out on whether Eve has grounds to state this).

I personally think that every artist has a right to express their art or themselves rather, in whatever way they want or deem fit and Nicki is no exception. The cover is extremely erotic and really no different from some of her music videos which we see on a daily, the only difference perhaps is the fact that’s its a publication.

As far as I’m concerned, this is Nicki per usual, completely sensual and erotic, so nothing new.

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