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Nail Polish Review: Green with Envy

Many times, more often than not, I do “random” reviews about my life. Those ‘where were you and where are you now’ type reviews and they are always insightful. Before I started this column, I used to be a nude girl, different shades, throw in some designs, I didn’t care as long as it was a nude nail polish because nude was safe.

However in the past month, I have come to realise that I actually love bright colours and how they look on me. So these days I gravitate more towards those and I haven’t even gone nude in almost 8 weeks.

Nail Polish Review


I went into the store and I walked towards the nail polish section. Looking at the stand, the only colors that spoke to me were the bright ones (green, blue and pink). I couldn’t decide on which to go with so I bought all three. Thinking about it now, it’s weird I bought pink because I’m really not a pink girl. O wells, I think we’ll try it and see what that looks like.

In theory, me purchasing all 3 colours (all from the Avour Matte Series) was supposed to make things easier but I still had to select which of the 3 will do the honours.



What I Thought:

I went with green which is colour 27 in the matte series. I’ve never worn matte nail polish so I was really excited to see how it’ll turn out. Not trying to be fake deep here else I’d have spoken about how the colour is so serene and looking at my fingers provides me with a sense of renewal, freedom, self-control and harmony.




Since the polish is matte and I wanted to maintain that look, I couldn’t use the top coat I have as it’s not matte. But the downside to that is the tips keep fading out and I have to repolish them to keep the color intact.



What colour should I wear next, the blue or pink?

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