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Life has two scenarios; five days a week, we are faced with the annoying routine of facing traffic, co-workers and a boss we silently hope once in a while would fall off a cliff…


OR five amazing mornings filled with anxiousness and an unwavering quest to run out of our houses into the arms of a job, co-workers and supervisors we love so much.

Yes, there is a third category; it’s not so popular though, but I would refer to these people as the ‘machine category’. They are robots, they can’t really tell whether or not they love their jobs, but they just go anyway, because NEPA bills and monthly data subscriptions won’t take care of themselves.

http://stylevitae.com/Whatever category you might find yourself in, you must have at one point squeezed out time to see a movie (like Girl’s Trip for instance) which has served as life’s way of intermittently reminding you that you need to dash to a nearby mall, buy a beach hat, run off towards the nearest  vacation spot around you and just forget about the world… for a while.

http://stylevitae.com/The voices in our heads are of course always ready to play familiar tunes, rhythms that have interludes that more or less sound like ‘not enough money’, ‘not enough time’, ‘if I could save up just a bit more’. Year after year, we postpone opportunities that our bodies need to unwind.

*rings an apostolic bell*

http://stylevitae.com/Special times and budgets really do not exist, but in my opinion, if you have between 30k-100k, you could still travel maybe say south to the city of Cross River. From the evergreen leaves of the tropical rain forests in Akampka, to the breath-taking Canopy Walkway in Drill Ranch Buanchor, to the Breath-taking views from the cable cars at Obudu Cattle Ranch; believe me when I say that you can literally take your worries on a hike through the Buanchor Mountains and throw them off when you get to the highest point.

http://stylevitae.com/Bush meat has never tasted so good, come in such large quantities nor such cheap prices. The temperature in some regions even affords you the opportunity to dress up in winter jackets and take one or two yankee-like shots for your Instagram family.


Maybe you can’t visit every country as much as you might like to, but you sure can go around yours, like Akwa Ibom, there are loads of affordable traveling you can do on a budget within your country or continent, so sister girl, forget everything else for a while and live.

Just live, laugh and travel!


Guest writer

Ebelechukwu Monye


Style Vitae

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