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LFDW 2017 Day 1: Favourite Runway Looks (Female)

Finally it’s Christmas for fashion lovers in Lagos. Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) just commenced and you know what that means, lots of humans, the stylish, the extras, the trying to hard and those that don’t need to try.

While there’s always a lot to see during fashion week, my fave has to be the runway shows. Three if the designers that showed yesterday caught my attention.


The collection housed a number of darker coloured garments with deep plunges and thigh-high slits. The colour schemes included shades of greens, blue, grey and white.She started off her show with the happy girl-next-door which transformed easily into a very sultry and sexy woman. In the collection named TitiBelo Wuz Here, she explored the femininity of a woman through deep plunges, and thigh high slit garments. 



Style Temple

Just before her show, we were treated to a short audio visual detailing the inspiration behind it. The collection was inspired by women like her mom who are fierce when life forces them to be and for girls who know they run the world. With her collection she’s found the balance between being strong & confident and being a woman. She maintained the femininity of the woman with the pastel colours but the bold, courageous side was portrayed through the cuts and structures of the garments. She also made sure the audience were in  that mindset as Beyoncé’s Run The World playing in the background.


Ejiro Amos Tafiri

Ejiro’s collection was amazing to say the least. While I wasn’t blown away by all the pieces in the collection, the ones I loved very well made up for those. Watching the models strut down the runway reminded me of peacocks; colourful, bold and beautiful. It was definitely the best way to end the show.


Style Vitae

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