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Kim Kardashian is a Whole New Level of ‘Extra’ for Odda Magazine!


Have you ever looked at a person or picture and gave the retort, ” I aspire to be on this level of Extra”? Well, you’re going to want to see this Kim Kardashian cover for Odda Magazine.


Odda is a relatively new magazine that promises to cover that ‘now feeling’: ‘It’s a moment where celebrities don’t care about sexuality or provocation, but instead, freely express their ideologies connecting with not just their fans, but the whole of humanity.’

Kim Kardashian appears on the cover of the issue which they titled ‘Queen Be’, posing in a Fendi monogrammed ensemble whilst crouching down by some Louis Vuitton logo bins, so extra right?

This furry coat is from Fendi’s spring/ summer 2018 collection and is completely covered with the brand’s logo, and unlike Kim’s other fur coats this one was made from fake fur, so PETA can hang their red paint buckets till next time.

So far as is the norm with anything Kim Kardashian related the cover has had a series of mixed reactions, while some posted comments like ‘Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen’ or ‘Donate money to children with cancer instead of things that don’t matter in life!’ others found it humorous ‘Even Kim Kardashian’s trash is more beautiful than me,’ said one while another added he ‘aspired to be this extra.’

What do you think, redundant or hilarious and nice?

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