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Disrupting a marriage ceremony is unlawful – Lawyer cautions


A legal practitioner, Kwabena Owusu Mensah has cautioned family members who disrupt marriage ceremonies to desist from doing so because it is an offense punishable by law. 

According to him, Ghana’s criminal code considers such acts as illegal.

There have been several instances where some parents and families have disrupted marriages because they do not support the matrimony.

But speaking to Adom News, Kwabena Owusu Mensah maintained that parents have no right to do that and those who engage in such acts can be arrested and prosecuted.

He said, one does not need the consent of his or her parents before they can marry under the ordinance law.

“We have three types of marriages in the country- Customary, Ordinance and Mohamadan marriage- under the customary marriage the two families meet and do the necessary rituals before they accept the marriage and the Mohamadan is not deferent but under the ordinance [marriage] the couples have to be in court with two witnesses be they family members or not,” he explained.

The legal practitioner also advised persons who wish to annul their marriage to always do so at the court even after doing so at the family level because, they will still be considered to be couples if they fail to complete the process at the court.

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