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The Garden: Determine your value

Trying to upgrade your craft or adding a skill can be a rather daunting task especially when you have a full time job. With determination and discipline it is doable in fact it is a goal that can be achieved. Life is progressive and so it’s only common sense for …

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The Garden: Coping with PTSD

A few days after the incident that took place at my apartment a month ago, I fell ill and decided to pay my general practitioner a visit. He told me that I was not sick upon all the complaints I had about my body, he said rather I have PTSD. …

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Life out of the box – Starr Fm

I was having a moment with my six-year old son the other night just before bed time. He was not in such a great mood and since I’ve always encouraged him to feel free to open up to me whenever and with whatever, he took the call. After sharing …

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