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Who owns your happiness? – Starr Fm

Ironically, the first thing that comes out of the mouths of those who compliment your new visible signs of happiness and glow, is about giving credit to the man/woman in your life. Usually the compliment would go something like this “wow you look amazing” followed by “who’s the man/woman …

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Love vs Convenience – Starr Fm

I’ve had my share of failed relationships for not just one but many reasons. Some hearts I broke and sometimes mine was broken too. It’s from my most recent of break-ups that I became rather curious about my choices when it comes to a partner and also the very …

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The Garden: Self-Love – Starr Fm

As you go about your life, someone is watching and learning from you. Learning how to treat you, learning how to love you. If you always put yourself last in all of your relationships, why be surprised when the other person never puts you first. They have learned from …

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