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Life out of the box – Starr Fm

I was having a moment with my six-year old son the other night just before bed time. He was not in such a great mood and since I’ve always encouraged him to feel free to open up to me whenever and with whatever, he took the call. After sharing …

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The Garden: We might be related

Attending funerals, weddings and other family gatherings can be tiresome because there’s always at least that one person you get to meet for the first time. That by the way you have never heard of before, but now you find out that you are related. It sometimes happens even …

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Who owns your happiness? – Starr Fm

Ironically, the first thing that comes out of the mouths of those who compliment your new visible signs of happiness and glow, is about giving credit to the man/woman in your life. Usually the compliment would go something like this “wow you look amazing” followed by “who’s the man/woman …

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