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Do you know your love language? – Starr Fm

It was only until a few years ago I learnt about love languages when I was strolling through a book shop in Menlyn, Pretoria, South Africa. I stumbled upon an interesting book by Gary Chapman “The Five Love Languages” and I bought it on impulse together with the other books …

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Making an Impact – Starr Fm

Are you living a life of meaning and substance? What are you making an impact on?  Who are you when you wake up in the morning and how does your life contribute to the events of the day to the rest of the world? I wonder just how many of us make a conscious …

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Take Five – Starr Fm

Whenever you feel tired rather take a break, don’t give up. Giving up should never be an option unless of course if it means concluding or closing on a chapter. Which in this case would be moving in to other things and not necessarily quitting. It is so easy for …

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The Garden: Determine your value

Trying to upgrade your craft or adding a skill can be a rather daunting task especially when you have a full time job. With determination and discipline it is doable in fact it is a goal that can be achieved. Life is progressive and so it’s only common sense for …

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The Garden: Coping with PTSD

A few days after the incident that took place at my apartment a month ago, I fell ill and decided to pay my general practitioner a visit. He told me that I was not sick upon all the complaints I had about my body, he said rather I have PTSD. …

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