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Blog Love – The Chriselle Factor

Are you looking for a blog that will constantly inspire you? Are you looking for a blog that offers versatility and diversity? Do you need a one stop shop for exciting mew information on fashion beauty and lifestyle? The Chriselle Factor is the blog you need.  The Chriselle Factor is …

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What’s On This Week/End 5th – 12th October 2016

What have you been getting up to for fun? There’s always something new to do so check out our guide to what’s on from sales, shopping events, theatre  and live music to exhibitions, festivals, foodie fun and lots more. We update it daily so do check back to see what’s new …

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#InfinixNote3 – Capturing Moments, Experiencing Life

Much like the reaction to all things new, I found myself eagerly excited at the prospect of unveiling the packet Infinix Mobility dropped in the mail box for me, the Infinix Note 3. For the longest possible time, I had been saddled with going around with my tablet which had …

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Friday Feeling – A Roller Coaster Of Emotions

There are certain days when memories take you back to where you all started from and today is one of those days for me. I’m reminiscing on my journey to this point, starting from the day I moved to Lagos from Abuja, to getting a new job and all the …

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What Does Your Mobile Phone Say About You? #HuaweiP9plus

Our mobile phones, like many of the material possessions we own, can give a volume of information on our attitudes and personalities. People often judge each other on what cars they drive, and clothes they wear; so it’s no surprise that people may also judge each other on what type mobile …

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Blog Love – Cassie Daves

I like blogs that feels like a one-stop shop for everything, from beauty to lifestyle, fashion and travel. Cassie Daves is a blog that offers all the aforementioned and more. Cassiedaves is a fashion and lifestyle website run by model and fashion blogger Cassandra Ikegbune and it has been a …

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What’s On This Week/End 29th September – 5th October 2016

check out our guide to what’s on from sales, shopping event, theatre, live music to exhibitions, festivals and lots more. We update it daily so do check back to see what’s new as you make your plans! What: Bantu Experience. Abuja based premium fashion and fine photography studio, Bantu, will be …

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All The Things I Want To Say To A Man

Jennifer Falu is an incredible spoken word artist whose words will uplift even the most downtrodden of us. Jennifer won first place in NBC-TV’s Amiri Baraka Poetry Slam and was ranked third internationally in the 2014 Women of the World Poetry Slam.  She has been a member of the 2006, 2009 …

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5 Wedding Gifts You Should Never Give

Every thing about weddings is changing. Unlike in the past, some brides now have a second and even third dress, bridesmaids/groomsmen now double as choreographers, reception parties now go on almost endlessly, more food is now available(don’t lie, were there small chops and dessert at wedding back in the day?) …

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