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Air Turbulence happens, it’s ok – Starr Fm

Recent news items on CBS affiliate, KHOU-TV in Houston, Texas about a plane traveling from Panama to George Bush International Airport which experienced weather-related turbulence, brought home a familiar incident involving a local airline brand in Ghana. On Tuesday, June 20, 2017, the United Flight 1031, a Boeing 737, …

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Five reasons why the NSMQ is so popular now – Starr Fm

Five years ago, the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The competition had just roused itself from a two-year slumber during which it wasn’t produced, but very few even noticed. Ever since, however, the NSMQ has grown in leaps and bounds, and is probably …

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Who owns your happiness? – Starr Fm

Ironically, the first thing that comes out of the mouths of those who compliment your new visible signs of happiness and glow, is about giving credit to the man/woman in your life. Usually the compliment would go something like this “wow you look amazing” followed by “who’s the man/woman …

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