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Casper and Gambini’s – Taking a Leap of Basil!

It’s been a minute since our last review so I decided to do one yesterday and it was very enlightening.

Since Casper and Gambini’s opened up a new outlet at ICM I’d made plans to try it out probably about a dozen times, and every time was an epic fail, I remember thinking it just wasn’t meant to be after I made plans with a friend and got stuck in traffic at one spot for 3 hours ( I kid you not), but yesterday I broke that yoke even though the rain and my bed tried their best to stop me, lol.

I finally arrived mid-afternoon sunday, the mood was slightly cool with a bit of sunshine, so perfect, right? Plus the interior was plush and a little empty, so I could still get that warm cosy feel.

Within seconds of getting settled the food and alcohol menu were brought by a waiter, so plus marks for service. The meals were a bit pricey, but that was expected, and really interesting (especially the alcohol menu).

I decided to go with Orange juice as I was a little parched which the waiter brought in no time at all along with one empty plate, I was confused and was about to ask what the empty plate was for when surprise, surprise, the most delightful confection came along, I’m talking spicy biscuits, bread and perfect cheese.

Apparently, Casper and Gambini’s don’t do things by the ordinary, and I’m certainly not complaining since tasted heavenly, lol, I’m a cheese girl anyday.



So I nibble on the yummy mix and look through the menu, they don’t have the usual naija suspects so I turn to the next best thing, Pasta and taking a leap of faith decide to try something different by getting the Chicken Pesto Pasta, I’m a chicken girl too, I think every one is though.

Anyway, the food comes in like 1min which leads me to believe that they probably had it waiting or something, but who cares the food came early, yay!


Since I had barely even started on the bread and cheese, maybe the waiter should have asked if I was ready for the main, but it’s all good.

According to the menu the chicken pesto pasta was sauteed chicken strips in a unique blend of basil pesto with pine nuts and cream drizzle, so I expected a perfect blend of salty and spicy in a creamy type of way and got just that.

It was a perfect blend of both and has so much green in it, that it gives you the illusion of eating healthy, even better right, haha.

I finished up and got a bill of #8,000,(like I said a bit pricey) and got pictures of the bathroom.


I guess they put so much thought into planning the restaurant itself and didn’t really think about the restroom, first it’s just one toilet, then it’s really cramped so no surprise when it wasn’t very tidy.

Not sure how they can resolve the cramped space issue, but they need to do a better job of maintaining it’s cleanliness since it’s just the one, perhaps an attendant to clean every one hour could help.


Service: ****

Hygeine: *

Food: ***

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