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Cardi B is Her Glittery, Unapologetic and Sassy Self for New York Magzine



Cardi B is the Cover star of the New York magazine November issue and though the title of the feature piece says “Regular, Degular, Shmegular Girl From the Bronx”, I think we can all agree that there is nothing remotely regular about her.

In the issue which keeps me laughing from the first incredulous statement where after she just gotten herself a Patek Philippe watch, but somewhere on the road from a party-hosting gig in Philly, it went missing. She said losing it made her feel like she “just got fucked in the heart. Without a condom. Without lubricant. With a yeast infection”, I really can’t stop laughing. Or another case where she meets  J.Lo backstage at a benefit. “I just kept acting like a fucking weirdo, but I think she understands,” Cardi says. “Man, I met Beyoncé, too. Who else I gonna meet? Jesus?”; or when a fan noticed she wasn’t wearing the ring in a video she posted to Instagram of a concert in New Orleans. “I ain’t getting Kim K, bitch,” Cardi replied in the comments. “I ain’t using it in a city that I don’t have a weapon.”

But underneath all that glitter, hood talk and sass is the nervous, unsure woman which is clear when just seconds before she performs on the Jimmy Kimmel show he announces she’ll be on to perform the No. 1 song in the country.

“Actually, it’s No. 2,” Cardi quietly responds to the flat-screen TV in her dressing room, a surge of anxiety in her voice. “Bodak Yellow” had, just hours earlier, been unseated by the white rapper, Post Malone’s  “Rockstar.”

Despite all of these, Cardi is super confident to the point of almost obnoxious which is really what can be expected if you have followed her fairy tale story from the strip, to Love and Hip-Hop to Rapper fame and Vogue calling her the “undisputed front row queen” of Fashion Week.

In the issue she channels all of these variations in her personality in different glittery, punk vibe outfits from Bally and Dolce and Gabbana, view images from the issue below;



Styling by Kollin Carter
Makeup by Erika La’ Pearl
Hair by Francisco Maymi
Artist Assistant: Jenny Rebecca McLaughlin
Art Assistant: Ebon Heath.


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